Saturday, March 8, 2014

Please Vote For My Granddaughter (Grace) To Win California Kisses Model Search

Hey everyone, my granddaughter, Grace, is one of three semifinalists competing for a modeling position with a company that makes dancing apparel. The company, California Kisses, is located in Irvine California and they are allowing anyone to vote. There will be three contestants a Month for February, March, and April, for a total of nine contestants. My beautiful and most talented granddaughter, Grace, is one of the first three competing against each other for the Month of February. That is where I need your assistance, to vote and vote often for her. I told my daughter we could help Grace win this.

Grace getting
ready for class

I beg you to vote for Grace by following this link or by clicking on any picture.
The links will take you to Grace's profile page where you can vote for her. You do not have to register, just click the vote button towards the bottom right of her picture. They made it simple by not having any tracking software other than checking for cookies to keep people from voting more than once.
I humbly come before you, with my proverbial hat in hand, to beg and plead for you to help fulfill my granddaughters wish of winning the model search contest. If she does wins for February, then each girl who won their perspective Month will compete against each other.

My daughter Tanya &
granddaughter Grace

In June we will learn if your vote helped her win the semi final. If she does, I will then come back to plead and beg you to vote for her one more time so she can win the contest and become the next California Kisses model for 2014.

My granddaughter is only 11 years old, but she has been training for more than 7 years to become the best dancer she can be. The video below will give you an idea of how good she is already (If I Die young). Her ultimate dream is to be a professional dancer, either in LA or NYC as a commercial or Broadway dancer. Even if she fails to become a dancer at the level she dreams of, she would then like to travel and teach other young girls to dance. Right now she trains with the best dance studio in Texas, the Rise Dance Company in Round Rock. She has even had lessons with one of the best choreographers in the business, Kevin "Tokyo" Inouye.

My two granddaughters,
Hope on left and Grace
on right. Hope is the
younger one

My granddaughters career is before her, but she has already done modeling in and around Austin Tx where she lives, but winning the California Kisses model Search competition will help advance her future plans along with helping her parents pay for her college tuition. After all, 7 years is not that far away, and the price of a good school is just going to be more and more expensive as the years go by.

So, without any further rambling on by this proud grandfather, I ask again to please vote for my granddaughter to win. There is no registering at the site and I made it very simple to get there. Just click on any picture below and it will take you to Grace's profile page where you can vote. Below is a screen shot that I edited to show where the vote button is, and after you finish a thank you will pop up to let you know you voted.

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