Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Flying My Flag at Half Mast

By ChuckOn the morning of March 22, I raised my flag to the top of the 25 foot pole In my front yard. I must have forgotten to tie it off, because when I returned later in the afternoon from presenting my Sunday message I noticed that the flag had been lowered to half mast. That evening I watched the the House of Representatives vote on the Senate's version of the Healthcare legislation. As the remaining votes needed to pass the legislation were cast, I began to thinking about the damage this legislation would do to America. It was then that I was struck by how prophetic my flag being lowered to half mast really was. I decided at that moment to leave my flag at half mast where I believe God had lowered it to.
It is my opinion that we are experiencing what could very well be the last decades of what has been called the greatest civilization the world has ever seen. Yes, I believe that the America I once knew is forever gone. I say so because I cannot foresee the Republicans ever reversing the Health Care bill. I do pray that if and when a challenge to the law gets to the the Supreme Court, that it will ruling it unconstitutional. Unfortunately, as much as many will disagree with me, I believe a vast majority of Americans have turned their backs on God. In doing so, He has turned His back on us as a nation. We cannot continue to condone the many evil things we do in America as if God has changed His mind about what says is evil.

As a Christian, I guess I should be thankful that the current events are turning out the way they are. After all the many conditions I feel are needed to be in place for the various "End Times" scenarios to be fulfilled are now falling into place. I have stated before, and do so again, that I tend to look at certain aspects of the end times prophecies a bit different then many of my colleagues who hold to dispensationalism. Without getting into the specifics, I will just say that my understanding of history and politics, tend to lead me towards a different understanding of how the world will be ruled just before Christ returns. Mankind has become selfish and lazy, a fact that has led the majority of nations to be dominated by governments which lean towards some type of Socialism. Whether it be under democratic socialism or democratic capitalism, it is still a system ruled by the people who allow some sort of redistribution of wealth to pay for services they demand while expecting to do less work for those services.

This egalitarian type of political rule allows for many absurd and dangerous aspects of society to flourish that could not survive in a totalitarian system. N
ow while totalitarian regimes are some of the worse types of governments, mainly due to the complete control they exercise over its citizens, they do tend to protect the state at all costs. A cursory look at the way Castro dealt with those afflicted with AIDS in the 1980's compared to how democracies around the world has, will make my point. Any Cubans who contracted AIDS were locked away in institutions to keep them from infecting the general population. (Even today there still exists in Cuba AID's death camps in Cuba) While in America and Western Europe we champion the very act, homosexuality, that spreads the sickness in the name of freedom and choice. We also allow the dreaded disease to promulgate through out our society by teaching our children in school that homosexuality is a lifestyle that is equal to heterosexuality.

I use the example of the way the AID's problem was handled because of the reason behind Christ's return. It's important to understand that Christ will not return to usher in a new heaven and new earth because governments have made men evil. Christ will return because mankind has willingly refused to turn away from evil and follow His teachings. I realize that there a
re many people, of all political and religious persuasions who do not wish to accept this truth. However, those who are willing to actually look at the evil in this world that is perpetrated by men and women all over the world against others, will understand my point.

I also believe that not only will the left increase it's attack on Christianity, but our very government which was based upon Judeo-Christian values will lead the charge. We are already seeing different groups demanding that the government force Christians to stop preaching the truths of the Bible. Eventually, like Canada and some European countries, we too will see conservative evangelicals charged with hate crimes against homosexuals that will set the state against the church. What will make this coming attack easier, is the way we are now seeing denomination after denomination allowing practicing Homosexuals to be ordained ministers by claiming God does not condemn the lifestyle so why should we. I will actually address this problem in my Sunday message tomorrow.

I have seen many disturbing things take place all around the world in the last few decades, but as long as America stood against the destructive ways of other socialist countries I still felt the end was a long ways off. However, the day the Democrats illegally passed the Health Care legislation and Obama then signed it into law, the America I knew died. We can fight on and try to overturn this law, but the fact remains that no social program ever started, has ever been reversed.

This is why I fly my flag now at half mast, and I shall do so until God moves me to raise. The end is near, it is now just a matter of time before the skubalon
hits the fan.

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