Monday, December 7, 2009

Silent Monks Singing Halleluia

Start off your week right by checking out this video of the high school students in the Chamber Choir of South Kitsap High School of Port Orchard, Washington were the students perform a great rendition of Halleluia!   This was in Dec., 2008 in the Winter Festival.    Freeper Lynn D's wife actually made 4 of the monk costumes, both Lynn and his wife were in the audience during the presentation of this concert. Great work Lynn, and thank your wife for such a great job on the costumes.


  1. The one on the end was flat

  2. GREAT thank you

  3. Both Susan and Anonymous are welcomed. Thanks for stopping by and giving me some feedback.

  4. Chuck,
    Very much appreciated!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Snorggley D. Dorggle

  5. We loved this! I shared it with my facebook friends too. (proud of our SK kids!) Thanks for posting it. :)