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How the Renaissance Led to the Reformation Part I

An Introduction and Overview
of the Renaissance

(This is the first of a five part series, follow
these links for the other four parts)

I am presenting you the first part in a series of five articles about the great Protestant Reformation which I wrote when I went to Bible college. In this series I will present various historical aspects I believe worked together to create the atmosphere needed for the Reformation to take place. I do not mean to diminish the contributions of any of the many individuals or events that will be left out of my series, but in order to be as concise as possible I will inevitably fail to give proper credit to some. I believe the six areas I have settled upon cover most of what is needed to make my point.

My five part series will include the following chapters;

An introduction and Overview of the Renaissance

Never in history has one man's thesis so rattled the powers that be, than did Martin Luther's when he nailed his ninety-five grievances to the Church door at Wittenberg. It was an act of defiance that would eventually topple a church state organization that held sway over kings and paupers alike for a thousand years. And while every history class that covers the reformation will tell you that it was Johann Tetzel'sselling of indulgences that pushed Luther into action that day, Tetzel's action was only the final straw, not the cause of the revolution. At the time the Reformation began, there were many factors that enabled and emboldened the common man into action but none was more profound in it's influence then was the Renaissance.

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Part I

An Introduction and Overview of the Renaissance

"How the Renaissance Led

to the Reformation"

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